This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.
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1. How does MaxiLash work?

MaxiLash works by prolonging the growth cycle of the eyelashes, as well as stimulating the hair follicles, which makes the eyelashes longer, thicker and darker.

2. What ingredients does MaxiLash eye beauty products contain?

MaxiLash eyelash serum is made of several natural plant extracts, including chestnut extract, glycyrrhiza glabra root extract, ginger extract and ginseng

3. I would like to become a MaxiLash reseller, what do I have to do?

We always look for new resellers. Contact us by email (see "Contact") and we will get back to you within 72 hours.

4. Can I use MaxiLash while pregnant or breastfeeding?

The safety of MaxiLash has been demonstrated in multiple studies conducted by independent research laboratories. MaxiLash has been shown in these tests to be safe when exposed onto the skin and on the eyes in adult study subjects.

However, no studies have been conducted on pregnant or breastfeeding women with any eyelash serum on the market. Therefore, we have no scientific reason to believe that MaxiLash poses a safety risk to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. We have had pregnant costumers that have used our products without any problems. We advise that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding that you first consult with your physician, before using MaxiLash Eyelash Serum.

Yes, it is perfectly fine to use makeup while using MaxiLash! Mascara and other makeup products should be completely removed before you apply MaxiLash eyelash growth serum.

5. Has MaxiLash been tested on animals?

MaxiLash has NOT in any way or form been tested on animals. MaxiLash has a proven formula which has been developed after tests only on humans.

6. How many milliliters does MaxiLash contain?

It contains 3ml.

7. How long does it take before I can see results on my eyelashes?

The tests we have performed show that it takes approximately eight weeks before you can see an improvement of the quality of your lashes. We do, however, recommend that you keep using MaxiLash to accomplish the best result. Our tests have also showed that many people can achieve the same result much quicker than 10-12 weeks.

8. How long will a tube of MaxiLash last?

A tube of MaxiLash 3ml will last for approximately two to three months

9. What happens if I forget to apply MaxiLash at night?

If you forget or skip to apply MaxiLash at night, continue as usual next evening. Regular use of the product is the key to quickly achieve a long-lasting result!

10. What happens if I stop using MaxiLash?

Your eyelashes will go back to its original look after a few weeks or months. If you would like to keep the result you have accomplished, you can reduce the usage to 4-5 times per week. 

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