MaxiLash & MaxiBrow Kit

MaxiLash & MaxiBrow Kit

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Price-worthy package deal when buying MaxiLash Serum and MaxiBrow Eyebrow Serum together. You save €20 and you get the full kit to start the treatment of growing your eyelashes and get thicker eyebrows.

MaxiLash advanced formula accelerates natural eyelash growth and strengthens them at the roots. As a result eyelashes become long and fortified. MaxiLash formula also prevents them from falling out.

Eyebrow serums have become a hit among eye beauty products. Well defined bold eyebrows are fashionable and trendy. MaxiBrow is the solution you need to experience that effect. The new formula stimulates the natural growth of your eyebrows and improve their overall look. With MaxiBrow your eyebrows will become stronger, thicker and darker. The final outcome will be beautifully defined brows. The product has been dermatologically tested.


EUR 95 / USD 106

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